yoga & ceramic in italy

5 — 11 . 05   🌞   21 — 27 . 07
at Celleno (Italy)

Join us for a holistic experience in the heart of Italy, where yoga and ceramics come together to create two unforgettable journeys. Picture yourself surrounded by picturesque landscapes, gentle hills, and the enchanting atmosphere of Italy, all while exploring the depths of your being through the practice of yoga and the artistic expression of ceramics.

⭐️ Yoga and Meditation
Begin your mornings with guided yoga sessions led by Nay and Anna. Immerse yourself in the peaceful practice, and find tranquility in a soothing atmosphere.

⭐️ Ceramic Workshops
Let your creativity flow in Silvia’s guided ceramic workshops. Learn basic hand-building techniques, create one-of-a-kind pieces, and delve into the therapeutic world of pottery.

⭐️ Cultural Excursions
Explore Italy’s cultural treasures with guided excursions to iconic sites and charming villages. Immerse yourself in the beauty and traditions of Italy.

⭐️ Free Time
Indulge in moments of relaxation and personal reflection, meditate in peaceful gardens, or unwind by the pool. Enjoy your free time at your own pace.


Villa Cilenia is located in Celleno, a small village between northern Rome and southern Tuscany. This villa offers a range of stylish accommodations, from individual rooms to quadruples. You’ll find various communal spaces for relaxation, reading, cooking, and games. Take advantage of the pool and explore a vast area of square meters, including an olive grove and hazelnut trees, providing an immersive experience in the heart of nature.


Healthy, delicious, and authentic meals prepared with love by the hosts. Get ready to savor regional recipes crafted from local, seasonal ingredients and infused with the flavors of herbs from the garden. Meals can be tailored to accommodate your dietary preferences.


⭐️ Early Bird ⭐️ (before 29.02.24)
€ 920 Quadruple Room
€ 1,080 Double Room
€ 1,250 Single Room

Full Price
€ 990 Quadruple Room
€ 1,190 Double Room
€ 1,380 Single Room

INCLUDED in the price:

  • Bed sheets and bath towels
  • All meals
  • Yoga and ceramics classes from Monday to Friday
  • Unlimited access to the pool
  • Group transportation to and from the airport, as well as group travel for sightseeing
  • Cooking workshop

NOT INCLUDED in the price:

  • Round-trip travel
  • Entrance fees for sightseeing
  • Travel insurance


☝️ Languages
Yoga classes are conducted in English; Ceramic classes can be conducted in French, English, and Italian.

☝️ Level
No prior experience in yoga or ceramics is required to participate in the classes. The instructors will adapt to your level.

☝️ Babies/Children 
Babies/children are welcome in limited numbers only during the first week (May 5 to 11). Babysitting can be arranged upon request to allow parents to participate in activities. This arrangement does not apply to the week of July 21 to 27.

who we are

[ Cilenia ]

The Cilenia team consists of four sisters and their dedicated crew, genuine « Italian mamas » ready to go above and beyond to make your stay exceptional.

[Yoga & Meditation] 

Nay (Naxhieli Zylberman)
(Co-founder of the Terracotta Workshop) Certified yoga instructor passionately sharing her practice since 2016.

Anna Maria Farkas
With over 20 years of experience, Anna explores the dimensions of body, mind, and soul, accumulating over 1000 hours of yoga training.

Nay and Anna’s classes focus on alignment and fluidity through postures, offering dynamic and mindful yoga. Each session is a balanced blend of soothing sequences and dynamic flows, incorporating creative and playful elements. The aim of their practice? That each individual leaves the session feeling light, invigorated, and reconnected with themselves.


Silvia Baldan
(Co-founder of the Terracotta Workshop)
Trained in both ceramics and art therapy, Silvia incorporates not only the technical aspects of ceramics into her classes but also the sensory and liberating dimensions of working with clay.

Her classes focus on artistic exploration through various hand-building techniques, including pinching, slab building, and coiling. Experimentation takes center stage with ephemeral projects, offering the freedom to create spontaneously. Simultaneously, you will craft unique pieces that you can take home with you.